How to write an application letter for job graphic designer


In this reimagined version, the letter becomes not just a mere application but a tapestry woven from the threads of artistic talent and business acumen. The narrative unfolds:

Graphic Designer

In the bustling heart of the modern age, where the digital brushstrokes meet the hard lines of commerce, a graphic designer stands at the crossroads. This artist, a master of color and form, must also don the mantle of a businessperson, a marketer, a communicator.

The role of a graphic designer transcends the traditional boundaries of art; it demands the creation of visual languages that speak in the dialects of annual reports, business developments, and intricate tables and charts, all transformed into a tapestry of engaging graphics.

The cover letter of such a designer is not a mere introduction but a declaration of intent, a testament to their journey through the realms of creativity and business. It must resonate with clarity and precision, free from the blemishes of error, showcasing the professionalism that the world of commerce demands.

Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer

Within this letter, the designer reveals their essence, a narrative of strengths and weaknesses, a story of how their unique perspective can contribute to the tapestry of a company’s narrative. This letter is a window into their soul, displaying their skills, their history, and their suitability for the role they aspire to.

Above all, the letter is a pledge of dedication, a promise of commitment to the craft and to the business needs it serves. It stands as a beacon of professionalism, distinguishing the graphic designer from the sea of applicants, a testament to their readiness to embark on this journey where art meets business, where creativity serves functionality.

Thus, the graphic designer, through their letter, seeks not just employment but a stage upon which to perform the intricate ballet of design and business, to play their part in the grand performance of the commercial world.

Sample graphic designer application letter


Dear Mr. John,

I’m really interested in the Graphic Designer job you posted. I’ve worked in graphic design for over 10 years, including a job at ABC Media. I think I’d be a great fit for your team.

In my career, I’ve gotten really good at designing things like website layouts, social media graphics, and business communication materials. I’m also great at coming up with new ideas in team meetings, managing lots of tasks at once, and making sure everything I do has a clear, successful result.

I know how to use SEO and SEM strategies to make sure my designs perform well online. You can see more about my work and what I’ve achieved in my resume. I’ll reach out soon to see if we can set up a time to talk more about how my skills and experience are right for your company.

Yours sincerely,

Jane Doe.

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