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About Letter-Resume.com

Due to the situation of the economy today and the state of education has changed. Unemployed peoples increase due to the lack of jobs. For employees who have job may need some change, such as their job or relocate. With so many of these factors, it is inevitable that we would have to write these documents in order to apply for jobs. Even majority of people who are still studying may be written in the university or school admission. These collections of information are to be used as a guideline for those who are experiencing difficulty in writing these.

The contents in the site, consists of several parts. The main foundation is focusing on Resume and Cover letter, due to its wide use, other contents, such as the contents for resignation letter or business letter. As the provider, we will try to extend more information that we can find.


About Us

The team of content providers of this website tries to gather images and content information from various sources such as other useful sites, books, or libraries. Contents are divided into categories so that visitors can easily access the information provided. With the personal experience of the team, that consists in some part, which we hope our site will be helpful to everyone including applicants or even students.